neděle 22. ledna 2012

London memories

Last summer I've visited London, which is my favorite city. Besides the many monuments, I saw many interesting exhibitions about fashion. Today I´ll show you AN exhibition of italian fashion labelS and their campaigns. From first Gucci promotion to last from Dolce&Gabbana. It was amazing! Enjoy it.

sobota 21. ledna 2012

Winter calls

In december I spent few days with my boyfriend snowboarding in Austria. The weather was very good, the place was romantic and food was delicious!! So if you are thinking about skiing or snowboarding, go to Austria 
I was wearing: Protest jacket and snowboarding trousers

pátek 20. ledna 2012

In the rain

This winter is so absolutely miserable, that in the end of January in Czech it is not snowing, but there is only rain and wind all the time. I decided to make my day pleasant and put on my favorite outfit. I hope you make your days better and put on your favorite outfitS. 
I was wearing : an H&M hat (A present form my friend Jane), a Karl Lagerfeld for H&M blazer, a T-shirt from Vogue magazine, a Dior scarf-Galliano draft, a Chanel brooch, a chanel necklace, Lindex bracelets, leggings and Prada boots.

středa 18. ledna 2012

Jelení šperky

In the Czech republic, there is a cool shop (you can shop online of course), where they have deer accessories only. Everything is handmade, therefor I love it so much. I didn't resist and I bought one brooch and a necklace before Christmas. The most cool thing about this shop is, that the deer products are not focused only on Christmas, but there are types for every season.For example, the navy deer is ready to be ordered :).

Enjoy my two pieces and if you like it, check out the web side :)

sobota 14. ledna 2012

Who inspires me

At this time, when almost everyone is having many exams, I always listen to positive music, which motivates me to learn better. Today I´m listening Beyonce - Love on top. This song is full of energy, I love it. Beyonce is beautiful as always. I adore her white suit. For me, she is also a fashion inspiration. And at last, congratulations to her, because she recently gave birth to her first daughter Blue Ivy Carter!

Who inspires you? And which Beyonce´s costume do you prefer?

čtvrtek 5. ledna 2012


 Winter is a time of balls. I love to visit balls and dance all night long. This ball was very special, it was my brother's first ball(in the Czech republic we have a tradition, that every school - teens in the age of 17 have to take ballroom dancing classes and afterwards there are organized some balls for them). For this ball my best friend Katka made my hairstyle. Next week I am going to visit another big ball and Katka is sewing a dress for me. I can´t wait to show you !!

I was wearing: Versace dress, Galliano fur, bracelet made by my friend Jane :)