pondělí 13. února 2012

Whitney Elizabeth Houston

Woman with an incredible voice died. Even though her life was full of drugs and alcohol, she was one of the most talented singers ever. And even though she isn't with us anymore, her songs will stay forever. 

The Enchanted Palace

I spent last summer in London, such a wonderful city! I showed you the exhibition of italian designers, today I'm posting for you another exhibition. This time it is The Enchanted Palace exhibition at Kensington palace. This exhibition combines fashion, fantasy, and spectacle in a dazzling show. Palace has long had an association with Princesses, even before the Princess Diana lived there. Taking inspiration from the fairytale and real life stories of these royal women. You could see here Vivienne Westwood and princess Margaret wedding dresses (incredible that they are still "in"!!). Enjoy it!

sobota 11. února 2012

Retro in my heart

Last few days I´ve been inspired by french retro style, which is one of my most favorite. So, I decided to create one outfit with polyvore. Here I put one my of my beloved french song, which reminds me of  french old times. 
Enjoy it

pátek 10. února 2012


I love to read. I read everything - fiction, poetry, biographies...EVERYTHING ! One of the last books I read is Versace's biography by Minnie Gastel. Gianni Versace was one of the biggest revolutionist. He was the first fashion designer, who used rock music and attractive models. He came up with a new style of fashion show, and made it the way we know it now. He was interested in many things, he loved to read books, newspapers, listen to music, art. He loved to work with people and was really passionate. I'm showing here one part of his fabulous show. Guess which supermodels performed. 

What do you like to read? Give me names of your favorite books. Enjoy your week-end. :)

úterý 7. února 2012

Giuseppe Zanotti

Although the weather outside is very cold (in Czech republic it is -15 °C), I decided to post something about spring. I love spring shoes collections, that´s why I posted Sergio Rossi last time. Today I´m posting Giuseppe Zanotti spring/summer collection. Giuseppe Zanotti is a genius! 
He comes from a small town a few KM from Fellini’s Rimini, famous for its great shoe manufacturing tradition. In the early 1980’s Zanotti was a fiery DJ and patronized eclectic and fashionable nightspots. Shortly afterwards his instinctive bent for art, design and fashion led him to attentively follow the prêt-à-porter fashion shows in Milan and Paris. The first collection was presented in New York, where buyers immediately welcomed it to then place their trust in this novice designer and in his jewel shoes. Success and popularity then quickly followed, to be reflected in the company’s growth. If you are interested in his work and history take a look at his web site: http://www.giuseppezanottidesign.com/index.asp?tskay=FB605CC6&gender=D

Another Ball

I haven't had  much time to write anything, because of many exams  But now all my exam are done, so I´ll write every single day. Today I decided to post photos from my brother´s school ball. Even though I've worn the same dress as I did last time, I have A different hair style and jewels. They are from my best Friend Katka. In two months I´m going to another ball with A new dress from Katka. I have her sketch enclosed. Hope you have finished everything too and are enjoying winter. 

I was wearing: Versace dress, Louboutin's heels, Swarovski earrings, Katka's jewels