středa 18. ledna 2012

Jelení šperky

In the Czech republic, there is a cool shop (you can shop online of course), where they have deer accessories only. Everything is handmade, therefor I love it so much. I didn't resist and I bought one brooch and a necklace before Christmas. The most cool thing about this shop is, that the deer products are not focused only on Christmas, but there are types for every season.For example, the navy deer is ready to be ordered :).

Enjoy my two pieces and if you like it, check out the web side :)

5 komentářů:

  1. I find it very nice and cute! I Love small figures of animals, ofcourse deers also, pretty handmade jewelry! I'm going to check web:))) Thank's for new post:*

  2. nice blog!

  3. love it!!

  4. Its cute. Nice Blog. A new post has come up on my blog too, I hope you take a look. :)


    xx Gopika

  5. I absolutely love these cute!Good job you are doing on your blog, congrats. We can exchange links if you like:)